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Holidays in Scotland

This text is about the holidays of Anna, a young girl who is visiting Scotland with her parents. She’s calling her best friend Tessa in Germany and tells about her trip.

At the following websites, you can get more information about some of the sights Anna mentions:
- Nessie-fansite
- Loch Ness

- Edinburgh castle
- Royal Military Tattoo

The script of this dialogues is here:
Holidays in Scotland (script)

And here you can do a Crossword Puzzle about some details of the text.

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Do you know Stonehenge, the huge monument located in South West England?
If you want to get more information about what it is, when and for what reason it was built and why it still remains a mystery up to now, listen to our podcast.

But first you may want to get a visual impression of this great stone circle. Here we have a link for you, where you can look at some pictures.

And now listen to the podcast about Stonehenge.
To start it, click on the play button below.

Here you can also find the script of this informative text.

Did you understand the context of the text? Well, then the crossword puzzle should be no problem for you.
And if you feel fit enough, you can try the Multiple Choice Quiz.

To learn still more about Stonehenge, you can look at these two websites
Stonehenge (English Heritage)

You can also watch this video (NationalGeographic) on

Thank you for listening to our podcast. We hope you enjoyed it and we also hope you will lend your ears to the following one. =)

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Australia is often called "Down Under" by many people, as it is a country many people do not know much about. It's the pictures of sunny beaches, surfers and the outback that cross their minds when they think of it, but Australia is much more than only a holiday paradise.

Take Canberra for example. This city is rather unknown, although it's the capital of Australia, and not Sydney, as many people might suppose.

Canberra is a city with lots of faces. In the surrounding area, there are several national parks with exotic animals and beautiful places along the coast.
If you want to learn about Australian culture, you should visit one of the museums or the national attractions. Canberra is home to the Australian history.
On top of that, there are lots of possibilities to do sports, e.g. hiking, surfing, inline-skating or even skiing in the mountains.
Actually, it is a modern city with lots of tourist attractions which appeal to all kinds of people.

The following podcast will give you some facts about this city in the south-east of the continent.

If you want to read the script, click here: Canberra: script

In order to get more information about Canberra, have a look at: Visit Canberra.

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Gabriella Cilmi

"I'm not a little girl anymore. I've grown up, and I'm ready to fight to get what I want."
Everyone knows Gabriella Cilmi's song "Sweet about me" from her album "Lessons to be learned", released in 2008. (If you click on the song title, you can watch the video at the MTV site.)

This Australian teenager has achieved lots of success in different countries with her debut single, but this is just the beginning. With her powerful voice and beautiful face she has the potential to become firmly established in the music business.
This podcast gives you some information about her career so far.
You can also listen to an acoustic version of her new song "On a mission", released in 2010.

If you still want to know more about Gabriella Cilmi you can go to her official website or have a look at her Myspace site.

At last you can find the script for our podcast here - in two versions:
If you want to test your listening skills, you can try the gapped text and fill in the words that are missing:
• Gabriella Cilmi: Gapped text
But if you just want to read along (or check your results from the gapped text), here's the full script:
• Gabriella Climi: script

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FIFA World Cup 2010: Germany vs. Australia

All football fans will have the sound of thousands of vuvuzelas in their ears for a long time - the sound of these instruments that is so typical of this football world cup in South Africa. And there's another reason why German soccer fans will remember the 2010 world cup: the success of the German team. What is particularly enjoyable is the fact that Joachim Löw's players are not only successful, but their playing is even fun to watch.

This podcast is about the German team's first match in this tournament, against Australia. Here you can compare the two teams: German team -- Australian team.

If you want to, you can also watch a short video (2:12) of the highlights of this match here: - Germany 4:0 Australia.

The script for this podcast is available here: FIFA World Cup 2010: Germany vs. Australia, and there is a short Multiple Choice Quiz, too.


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