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Kylie Minogue

This podcast is about Kylie Minogue, an Australian singer and songwriter. You will get some information about her biography and also about her career as a musician.

She released new single "All the Lovers" just a few days ago (June 2010). Click here to listen to it: "All the Lovers" (YouTube).

To sing along, you can get the lyrics to her new single here: Lyrics of "All the lovers".

Her first really successful song was "The Locomotion" in 1987. It's very different from her latest songs. If you want to compare, here you can listen to it: "The Locomotion (YouTube)".

The lyrics are available here: Lyrics of "The Locomotion".

If you want to find out more about the most famous Australian pop star, you will get more information from her web site: KYLIE (official homepage).

With the following short exercise you can train your English skills. Fill in the gaps in the text while listening to the podcast. Maybe you'll need a second try to get all the solutions: Kylie Ann Minogue (gapped text).

In order to listen to our podcast, click on the play button below, or download the mp3 file onto your computer.
If you haven't understood everything, you can read the script: Kylie Ann Minogue (podcast script).
If you've paid attention, then you might be able to do this Multiple Choice Quiz about Kylie.

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Oil disaster in Australia

This podcast deals with the accident of an oil tanker on 3 April 2010 which happened near Great Barrier Reef, off the northeastern coast of Australia.

If you want to read a BBC report on this, look here: Great Barrier Reef oil disaster fear from stricken ship.

For a good explanation of the term "oil spill", have a look at the excellent pages of "Der Englisch-Blog": Wort der Woche: Oil spill.

There has been an even more disastrous accident involving oil on the oceans - the explosion of a drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Louisiana, on 20 April 2010. This article in the New York Times gives you some basic information about what happened to cause this environmental disaster: Size of Spill in Gulf of Mexico Is Larger Than Thought.
Here, at the site of the Boston Globe, you can see many pictures of what it looks like there now: Disaster unfolds slowly in the Gulf of Mexico.

One positive bit of news: U. S. President Barack Obama has stopped oil drilling in the Arctic Sea and in the Gulf of Mexico, too. You can read about the ban on drilling in the Arctic Sea in this statement by the organisation for the protection of the environment, Defenders of Wildlife.

After you have listened to the podcast for the first time, you may want to make sure whether you understood everything. Here you can compare the script: Great Barrier Reef - script.

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