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Australia is often called "Down Under" by many people, as it is a country many people do not know much about. It's the pictures of sunny beaches, surfers and the outback that cross their minds when they think of it, but Australia is much more than only a holiday paradise.

Take Canberra for example. This city is rather unknown, although it's the capital of Australia, and not Sydney, as many people might suppose.

Canberra is a city with lots of faces. In the surrounding area, there are several national parks with exotic animals and beautiful places along the coast.
If you want to learn about Australian culture, you should visit one of the museums or the national attractions. Canberra is home to the Australian history.
On top of that, there are lots of possibilities to do sports, e.g. hiking, surfing, inline-skating or even skiing in the mountains.
Actually, it is a modern city with lots of tourist attractions which appeal to all kinds of people.

The following podcast will give you some facts about this city in the south-east of the continent.

If you want to read the script, click here: Canberra: script

In order to get more information about Canberra, have a look at: Visit Canberra.

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