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Gabriella Cilmi

"I'm not a little girl anymore. I've grown up, and I'm ready to fight to get what I want."
Everyone knows Gabriella Cilmi's song "Sweet about me" from her album "Lessons to be learned", released in 2008. (If you click on the song title, you can watch the video at the MTV site.)

This Australian teenager has achieved lots of success in different countries with her debut single, but this is just the beginning. With her powerful voice and beautiful face she has the potential to become firmly established in the music business.
This podcast gives you some information about her career so far.
You can also listen to an acoustic version of her new song "On a mission", released in 2010.

If you still want to know more about Gabriella Cilmi you can go to her official website or have a look at her Myspace site.

At last you can find the script for our podcast here - in two versions:
If you want to test your listening skills, you can try the gapped text and fill in the words that are missing:
• Gabriella Cilmi: Gapped text
But if you just want to read along (or check your results from the gapped text), here's the full script:
• Gabriella Climi: script

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