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Do you know Stonehenge, the huge monument located in South West England?
If you want to get more information about what it is, when and for what reason it was built and why it still remains a mystery up to now, listen to our podcast.

But first you may want to get a visual impression of this great stone circle. Here we have a link for you, where you can look at some pictures.

And now listen to the podcast about Stonehenge.
To start it, click on the play button below.

Here you can also find the script of this informative text.

Did you understand the context of the text? Well, then the crossword puzzle should be no problem for you.
And if you feel fit enough, you can try the Multiple Choice Quiz.

To learn still more about Stonehenge, you can look at these two websites
Stonehenge (English Heritage)

You can also watch this video (NationalGeographic) on

Thank you for listening to our podcast. We hope you enjoyed it and we also hope you will lend your ears to the following one. =)

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